Im yours forever i will be im yours thats what yew mean to me theirs a special dedication that ive got to make to this very special guy  that came into my world he fell from above and he gave me his love  (yeah) he showed me happniess so i gave him my best ive gotta thank god because i know ive been blessed  to find a guy like yew  that will always stay true   yew were their by my side when i depended on yew when i give up on life yew have me breath agin  yew helped me spred my wings so i could fly agin and for that i love yew ,yew will always stay close to my heart  i know i will never find another quite like yew  cause ever since i met yew was then  no more clouds no more rain (no more tears to cry) and no more pain  i hope yew fell the same way so we can share your lastname im yours this is what yew mean to me  when yew hold me when yew showed me  that im your one and only let me take a second to dadicate this blog  to my one and only whos been their for me  threw things that ive been through  me passed me with an angle from the heavens above your were their to catch me when i fell in love  yew love me for me and uncinditionally i never thought that this could happen to me  i appreciate and adore yew  and threw the bad times  and the good times i will be their  its me and yew forever  hey baby boy welcome to  my world  anything i do i do it just for yew  look into my eyes  im not telling lies show yew that i love yew  make yew relize that your all that i kneed ill be their for yew  if yew keep it reail with me than ill keep it reail  with yew   cause im yours and your mine  when i wake up in the morning your like mny sunshine  so i wanna thank yew for being in my life  i will love yew forever and always dont lie to me baby because ill findout if yew are true and if yew mean what yew  say your the perfict person for me ( if i tell yew that i love yew and  i put my trust in yew  if i say that every second all i do is think of yew  will yew do the same for me  are yew reaily down for me let me know how your felling  would yew give it all for me  i wanna love yew like yew have never been loved i wanna rock your world like it has never been rocked befor  but i gotta no the deail baby tell me how yew fell if i change my world for yew  are yew felling me to  i love yew to deth but how do yew fell abou6t me???